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This is where it all begins - the back roads of Nevada.  This picture was taken ten miles east of Mina, Nevada on one of our rock hounding trips,  You can see forever, the air is crisp and the silence awesome.  It is areas like this that we find the beautiful treasures Mother Nature has created for us. 


I did not decide one day to start a business making jewelry.  It just evolved on its own.

First I am a rock hound and love all the beautiful rocks and gemstones I find out in the wilds of Nevada.  So I decided to learn to bead using the beautiful stones I had found. My husband (Clay) started cutting the stones into slabs that he would use to create the pendants I use in my jewelry.  Each stone has its own design and colors within.  Every piece is one of a kind that can never be duplicated.   You cannot duplicate what Mother Nature has created.

I hope you find the beauty that is within one of the stones in my creations.  They are -all one of a kind that you cannot duplicate and made with love!!!!




This is where it all starts with the rocks and gemstones we gather.


Next the stone is cut and the pendant/cabochon is created.


Lastly the finished  pendant is put into the necklace created for it only - as always a one of a kind creation.


Gift Cards

I offer gift cards for jewelry purchases and beading classes.  Just let me know how much you want to spend and I will take care of it for you.  If you are purchasing a gift card for a beading class the cost would be $40.00

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